Noelle Hannibal is an actress/singer who appeared in "Star Trek: First Contact." She has the unique distinction of portraying the first female Vulcan on Earth. She has also appeared in "Star Trek: Voyager" as a Taresian woman and "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" as part of the Sisterhood of Jhe.

Originally from Los Angeles, Noelle resides in Montreal where she runs her award-winning theatre company, In the Wings Promotions. She has performed on stages across N. America, Ireland and the UK and is currently on tour with the rock musical, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." She performs regularly in concerts, cabarets and musical theatre productions. For more information, 

visit www.noellehannibal.com

Jayne Heitmeyer has appeared in over 100 episodes of television including Earth:Final Conflict, Sirens, Street Time, Durham County, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Republic of Doyle, Real Detective and 19-2. She made her film debut in Brian DePalma's Snake Eyes with Nicolas Cage. She won Best Actress at the Burbank Film Festival in L.A. for 'A Fish Story'. Among other film credits, she played opposite Julianne Moore & Robert Pattinson in David Cronenberg's award-winning "Maps To The Stars".

Nadia Verrucci is a META (Montreal English Theatre Awards) award winning actor, voice artist, singer, director and choreographer.  Since 2009 she has been a principal voice in the Assassin's Creed video game series, first as Sister Teodora (Assassin's Creed II), then as Juno, primary deity to the Instruments of the First Will and member of the Capitoline Triad (starting with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood to the present).  Other video game credits include Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Far Cry Primal and Watch Dogs II. Nadia enjoyed recurring roles on Being Human and Mohawk Girls and has also appeared in Mirror Mirror, The Hunger, and Punisher: No Mercy.

Canadian actor and director trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario. Andrew has worked extensively as a theatre actor and director across the world collaborating with the likes of Jay Baruchel, David Arquette, Brian Dennehy, and Nathan Lane among others. Played David Rizzio on the CW's Reign. Shaver also voiced Mordecai Richler's debut novel The Acrobats for Audible. He recently directed the cinematics for Ubisoft's Far Cry New Dawn. @theandrewshaver


Rusty Gilligan began his entertainment career as an actor in NY, first appearing on Broadway and then moving to Calif. to appear on television in such productions as Little House on the Prairie, Family Affair, Police Woman, and Disney television including the original Pete's Dragon.

He began his work as a professional comic book and film artist since 1978, with his formal debut as an artist on the original "Heavy Metal" 1981 film.

Since then, Rusty has worked on such films as The Avengers; The Walking Dead; Captain America: The First Avenger; Spider-Man 2 & 3 and art for many comic book and trading card projects. He's provided work for Marvel, DC, Image, Big Bang, Dynamite Comics, and many licensing projects to include:  Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Ent., Dr. Who, Night of the Living Dead, Vampirella, Major League Baseball, Cartoon Network, and many others.

Aside from creating the first sketch cards in the commercial market, he's designed and provided trading card art for Topps, Clubhouse Diamonds, Cryptozoic, Dynamite, Upper Deck, and Leaf just to name a few.

Recently, Rusty has been providing voice over work for films such as Dagon, The Man, Left 4 Dead, and production art for a few new films. He currently publishes comic books based on his 'Mac and Trouble' and 'Symbol' properties, and soon will be debuting the 'Nightmare on Sezame Street' series as well as a new trading card set based on 'Wizard of Oz'.


Rusty does not charge for personal photos or autographs. And he will have FREE trading cards for everyone and coloring pages for children ! Rusty will be accompanied by "MAC" the 6foot cat from his comics for free photos !


He is listed on IMDB and Comic Book Database

Timothy "Spike" McCormack is a Hollywood-based actor who appeared as regular background actor in the role of Ensign Bennett throughout the first four years on Star Trek: The Next Generation. McCormack was also the main stand-in for Data actor Brent Spiner. In addition, he portrayed a dead body in the fifth season episode "Ethics".

Other stand-in work on Star Trek: TNG includes:

McCormack was also a regular background actor on the television series The Colbys (1985-1987, with Nana Visitor, Ricardo Montalban, Stephanie Beacham, and Tracy Scoggins). He appeared in the 1979 drama Gal Young 'Un and was featured in the Miami Vice episode "The Lost Madonna" (1989, directed by Chip Chalmers)


Jonathan and Lola Myers are a husband and wife artistic team; who have worked professionally as illustrators for eighteen years.  They have provided artwork for card games, role playing games, board games, comic books, graphic novels, children’s books, puzzles, book covers and film. In addition they have worked for a multitude of clients such as Disney, Boom Comics, Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, Marvel Entertainment, Ambition Comics, Splattered Press, Topps, Upper Deck, Island Dreams Cards, Chadpops, Puzzle Panic, Z-Man Games, Atlas Games, Chaosium, Barnett Works, Wolfsbain Productions, Blackwood Books, Splattered Press and many more.  They have worked on such licensed properties as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons and more.

Rose Catherine Khan Fantasy Illustrator Rose Catherine Khan is an American fantasy illustrator, specializing in dragons, unicorns and epic landscape paintings. Her designs appear on many lines of licensed merchandise produced by companies including Pacific Trading Co., Ravensburger Games, Cra-Z-Art, Unicorn Studios, Buffalo Puzzles and Card.com. Rose is also the creator behind Centernia, a YA novel series that features her vivid fantasy paintings.

"Loren Molloy is an award-winning horror novelist, director, producer, and actor. Ms. Molloy has won awards for best poet as well as for best horror novel. She has written 7 books so far and isn’t stopping. She is also the founder and owner of the film company, HappyHorrors Productions. Ms. Molloy’s feature horror movie, Yield, is coming out in 2020 with many more films in the works. Loren Molloy has been called the Mozart of Horror and one Spooky B*tch. You don’t want to miss meeting her."

Cecile Tellier is an author, comedian, and photographer living with her family in Upstate NY. From roller derby to publishing she is predictably unpredictable.


Kevin Lucia is the Reviews Editor for  Cemetery Dance Magazine. His column Revelations is featured on Cemetery Dance Online. His short fiction has appeared in several anthologies, most recently with Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Bentley Little, Peter Straub, Kealan Patrick Burke, and Robert McCammon.

His first short story collection, Things Slip Through was published November 2013, followed by Devourer of Souls in June 2014, Through A Mirror, Darkly, June 2015, and and his second short story collection, Things You Need, September 2018. His novella Mystery Road is forthcoming from Cemetery Dance Publications.

Patrick Freivald is a four-time Bram Stoker Award® nominated author, a high school teacher (physics, robotics, American Sign Language), and a beekeeper specializing in hot pepper infused honey. He lives in Western New York with his beautiful wife, three parrots, two dogs, too many cats, and several million stinging insects. A member of the HWA and ITW, he's always had a soft spot for slavering monsters of all kinds.

He is the author of six novels and dozens of short stories, from hyper-violent kickass thrillers and teen zombie melodramas, science fiction and horror and fantasy. Find him at Patrick.Freivald.com, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and at www.FrogsPointHoney.com.

Gregory A. Wilson is a professor of English at St. John's University in New York City, where he teaches creative writing, speculative fiction, and other courses in literature. He is the author of the epic fantasy The Third Sign (Gale - Cengage, 2009), the dark fantasy Grayshade, first book of The Gray Assassin Trilogy (The Ed Greenwood Group, 2017), the RPG adventure Tales and Tomes from the Forbidden Library (Alligator Alley Entertainment, 2019), and the graphic novels Icarus and Jellinek (Atthis Arts, forthcoming 2020). The second edition of his academic book, The Problem in the Middle: Liminal Space and the Court Masque, was published in 2019 by Clemson UP. He also has a number of published short stories in various anthologies.

He co-hosts the critically acclaimed Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers, and Fans (speculatesf.com), an actual play podcast in its tenth year of production He is also the lead singer and trumpet player for the progressive rock band The Road (thebandtheroad.com), His virtual home is gregoryawilson.com.

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